Buying kitchen utensils in Paris

While in Paris, we’ve visited a kitchen utensil candy shop called Dehillerin. It’s a very old store at the corner of rue Cocquilliere in the 1st arrondisement of Paris.

It was on the 16th of January, a rainy Saturday afternoon when we entered the store. It felt like you’ve travelled back in time into a 19th century store : wooden floors, high ceilings, tall windows, and narrow passage ways, and a basement. It was immensely crowded, probably because it was a Saturday. I’ve been acquainted to George and Jean to help me out with finding the utensils I was interested in to buy. They were very friendly and eager to help me. It was quite an experience, buying kitchen items in this shop. They write down on a list what items you’re buying and put all your wanted utensils on one counter together with all the utensils for all those other customers! Once, everything is on the list, you write your name and home address on top of the list and hand it over to the “cassiere”. Once you’ve paid, the cassiere hand the list over to the person at the counter; he will go over your list and add the items into a paper back, ready to take with you! But be careful, check if you have all the items you paid for into your bag. The counter top gets heaped on a Saturday! The personal is very funny and friendly. The whole atmosphere can become a bit overwhelming at first, especially on a Saturday afternoon, but once you take your time and you know how it works, it’s quite a lovely experience.

According to Dominique Bouchet, there’s a better store to buy your kitchen utensils. It’s called Mora
It looks promising. We’ll check it out next time we’re in Paris.

I’ve made Flemish stew, with pommes au four, and steamed potatoes today.

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